Preparatory Course

Preparatory Course

International students are offered a possibility of taking a Preparatory Course so that they can either continue their education at one of the departments and schools of MSLU, or take a Master’s degree course or a post-graduate course leading to
 a candidate of science or a doctor of science degree. They study the Russian Language, the History of Belarus, the English Language and an Introduction to Intercultural Communication (or an Introduction to Teaching), Russian Phraseology (or Russian Speech Etiquette).

This course also gives a possibility of continuing education at other higher education establishments of the Republic of Belarus.

Tuition Fee in 2017 is US $ 2200.

Note: tuition fee doesn’t include dormitory accommodation.

Classes begin on September, 1, 2017.

Students can join the course till November, 1, 2017.

Terms and requirements for the applicants

International students study at MSLU under personal contracts with MSLU. The contract guarantees education, use of library resources, reading halls, video halls and computer labs.

The accommodation conditions are negotiated between the applicant and MSLU during the application period.

All the students who stay in the dormitory must have a medical examination at the Students’ Hospital (fee required)and submit the certificate no later than 3 working days after making the tuition contract.

If there is not a vacant place in the student dormitory or if the applicant chooses private accommodation, they must find it themselves and give the contacts of the landlord/landlady to MSLU to start preparing the invitation.

The graduates of the Division of Russian as a Foreign Language are granted MSLU certificates.

Application procedure

An applicant must get an official invitation from MSLU and a student visa from the Embassy (or Consulate) of the Republic of Belarus situated in
the applicant’s native country (or in the nearest country).

To receive an invitation applicants must send
the following documents to MSLU

  • an application form (available here) which is to specify: the level of the Russian language, the name of the Embassy (or Consulate) where the applicant wants to get the visa);
  • a copy of the national passport(only the pages with surname, name, date and place of birth, passport number, its issue and expiry dates);
  • a notarized copy of the translation of the national passport into
    the Russian (Belarusian) language (only the pages with surname, name, date and place of birth, passport number, its issue and expiry dates);
  • a notarized copy of the certificate of secondary school education;
  • a copy of notarized translationof the certificate of secondary school education into the Russian (Belarusian) language.


The documents required for an invitation can be scanned and e-mailed (

The documents required for an invitation are accepted not earlier than 3 months before the beginning of the course.

The deadline for application is 6 weeks before the beginning of the course. If the documents are submitted less than 6 weeks before the beginning of
the course the applicant may have to order an express postal service (like DHL) to speed up the delivery of the invitation and have his/her student visa in time.

The next day after the arrival inBelarus (except Saturday and Sunday) applicants must personally submit the following documents to MSLU:

  • the national passport which is required to be registeredat the local citizenship and migration office of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Belarus;
  • the original certificate of secondary school education;
  • the original standard health certificate(certifying the absence of prevention from studies under the climatic conditions of the Republic of Belarus) anda notarized copy of the translation into the Russian (Belarusian) language of the above-mentioned certificate.

To make the enrollment complete applicants also must:

  • get an obligatory medical insurance (possible at MSLU);
  • sign a contractwith MSLU and make the tuition payment;
  • have a medical examinationat the Students’ Hospital (fee required).


The tuition payment can be made in any foreign country. In this case MSLU informs the applicant about theintermediary bank, the beneficiary bankand
the details of payment during preceding correspondence.

All the travel expenses are covered by the international students.

Our address:

MSLU, 12 P.Rumyantsev Str., Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, 220034.

Phone num.: + 375 17 284 42 90 (Division of Russian as a Foreign Language)